Then Came The Morning

Words & Music by Gloria and William Gaither and Chris Christian
By Unknown

They all walked away, nothing to say,
They just lost their dearest Friend;
All that He said, now He was dead,
So this was the way it would end!

The dreams they had dreamed,
Were not what they seemed,
Now that He was dead and gone;
The garden, the jail, the hammer, the nail,
How could a night be so long?

Then came the morning, night turned into day:
The stone was rolled away, hope rose with the dawn!
Then came the morning,
Shadows vanished before the sun;
Death had lost and life had won,
For morning had come!

The angel, the star, the kings from afar,
The wedding, the water, the wine,
Now it was done, they’d taken her Son,
Wasted before His time!

She knew it was true, she’d watched Him die too,
She’d heard them call Him just a man;
But deep in her heart she knew from the start,
Somehow her Son would live again.

Then came the morning, night turned into day:
The stone was rolled away, hope rose with the dawn!
Then came the morning,
Shadows vanished before the sun;
Death had lost and life had won,
For morning had come!

The old men will dream, the young men will seem
To know what they never have learned.
Your daughters and sons will see what’s to come
Before the Messiah’s return.

Wonders and signs, plans and designs,
Will play out their final day.
Rumors and war will threaten no more,
The waiting bride is caught away!

Here comes the morning, night has turned to day;
The clouds have rolled away, Eternal dawn!
Then comes the morning,
Shadows vanished before the sun.
Death has lost! and life has won,
For morning has come!

Death has lost! and life has won,
For morning has come!

Morning has come!

Have you ever wondered what Mary, the mother of Jesus might have been thinking as she watched her son die and as they buried him in the tomb? Gloria Gaither tells the story and then Guy Penrod sings of the joy of the morning that Jesus mother experienced as well. As I meditate on the death of the Lord Jesus Christ and remember that He was God very God and Man very man, I am led to think of the humanity of Christ and the feeling of His mother Mary as she saw her beloved own son die on that cross.

She would have welcomed death after suffering with her beloved Son and Saviour. However, Jesus asked her to become the spiritual mother of humanity and to encourage His apostles not to despair until the Holy Spirit was sent to strengthen them. He said to John “Behold your mother” and to Mary “Behold your son.” John cared for her until she was taken into heaven.

I like the description done by Gloria Gaither and I would rather let you read and listen for yourselves. Christ was truly human and his friends on earth missed him so much. Here is a song that tells the story:  “Then Came The Morning” By Gloria Gaither & Guy Penrod. Follow the link for the video.
A few comments on the Event.
Jesus is hanging upon the Cross and He sees His mother, Mary, and He sees His beloved disciple, John. And He says, “Mother, behold thy son, son behold thy mother.”

This was a legal ceremony of immense importance. Why, we will see in a moment. Jesus died utterly and completely alone. The Hebrew people, of whom He was a part, had rejected Him. The multitudes, to whom He had preached and fed, had turned on Him. His inner most circle, His 12 apostles, ran and hid in fear. His closest friend, Simon Peter, betrayed Him and denounced that he ever even knew Him.

One of His closest friends, Judas, turned Him over to the authorities to be arrested. And, here upon the Cross in this legal ceremony, He officially states that Mary is not His mother. “Mother, behold thy son, son, behold thy mother,” is a statement wherein a dying man can renounce all of His claim as a son to all rights of inheritance, name and privilege, even in the event of His miraculous survival. And at the same time, the disciple, John, takes upon himself the responsibilities of caring for His new mother.

But it did not end there. No, Jesus as He hangs upon the Cross, utters the final statement of aloneness, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” So here the Prophet, Priest and King, the Healer, the Lover of All the Human Race, hangs dying absolutely alone.

He has no people, for they have rejected Him. He has no country, for they have renounced Him, removed all of His rights of citizenship, and are executing Him for crimes against the state. He has no followers, He has no disciples, He has no friends, He has no robe, He has no money, He does not have a mother, and He does not even have a “God “as it were.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I often think about that, because Oh, so many times in my life, I feel completely alone. There are things about me which people find very difficult to accept. One group of people might understand one part of me, another group may be comfortable with a second part of me. I find that in my life I have to live almost separate identities, and that no one, often and including my closest relatives and family, absolutely no one, is comfortable with the totality of who and what I am.

When I close my eyes at night, I am alone. Ultimately no one is responsible for my life but me and my God. No one can make my decisions for me, and I sometimes feel so utterly and completely alone. I believe, based upon conversations I have had with people, that this is a very familiar feeling. Many people think and feel this way. Even a mother, or a father, or a spouse with whom we live for 50 years or more, cannot possibly understand us in our innermost depths. We have had thoughts and feelings and desires and experiences a thousand times beyond those which even our closet confidant could ever know. The hidden thoughts, the secret dreams, the fantasies, the day dreaming, all of these combine to create a inner world, far more vast than the sum total of all of our external achievements and words.

Therefore, truly there is no one on this earth who is even remotely capable of understanding us. We are utterly alone. But the Gospel of Christ, the death and resurrection of Jesus says to us that is okay. Jesus, the Son of God, was alone, too. He died completely alone, symbolically and literally, because when He finally gave up the ghost, there was no soul inside of His body but His own.

But this aloneness, you see, is not the end of the story. It is all right to be alone because Jesus on the Cross hung there and died alone. The purpose of His story is to tell us that there is resurrection. Jesus did not spend eternity alone. After His resurrection, He appeared to Mary and the disciples and many people. He ascended to the Father. He sits at the right hand of the throne of glory. He receives the worship and adoration and love of uncountable millions of people, and He will never be alone again.

There are dark of valleys in the journey of our life, and sometimes we do travel literally through the valley of the shadow of death. That’s okay when you feel alone, feel that no one understands you, or feel that no one cares about you. You are in good company. Jesus understands. Jesus knows, and you will be okay. There will be resurrection. There will be a new community. There are people on this earth who do genuinely care. Do not be afraid to be alone. Do not be afraid of your innermost thoughts and secrets. Do not be afraid because He is with you always, even unto the ends of the age.

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