Maranatha Singers Praise 1

Maranatha! Singers – Double Praise 1: The Praise Album

Maranatha Praise 1

Track listing:
01. Praise The Lord
02. Father I Adore
03. Heavenly Father
04. Praise The Lord
05. Thy loving-kindness
06. Set My Spirit Free
07. Bring My Body Closer
08. Love (One Another)
09. Seek Ye First
10. Cause Me To Come
11. Holy- Thou Art Holy
12. Peace Give I To Thee
13. Praise You Father – Instrumental
14. Sing To The Father – Instrumental
15. Father I Adore You – Instrumental
16. Praise The Lord – Instrumental
17. Unto Thee O Lord – Instrumental
18. Sing Hallelujah – Instrumental
19. Open Our Eyes – Instrumental
20. Light Our Way – Instrumental
21. My Peace – Instrumental

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One Response to Maranatha Singers Praise 1

  1. congratz for serving the lord wholeheartedly.


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