Renew Them In Our Day

By Martin Ball – From the album “Come to the Throne” – Hosanna Music

hab-3-v-2Lord, I’ve heard of Your fame
Lord, I’ve heard of Your glorious ways
And I pray now, renew them in our day!
Lord, we’re seeking Your face
Lord, we stand in awe of Your ways
And we pray now, renew them in our day!
As we pray, as we seek Your face
As we pray, and by faith we see Your

Glory cover the heavens, Your praises fill the earth
Your splendor, like the sunrise,
Reveal Your power o’er the world
You stand and the nations tremble,
You speak and mountains crumble
For You are the Lord eternal
We stand in awe of Your ways!
As we pray… renew them in our day!

Revival is one of those words thrown around by Christians, but usually in reference to all those outside the church that need Jesus. However, the word “revival” means a RE-awakening, a RE-vitalization. It is for us who were once alive, once awake, but are no longer. Revival begins with a personal choice… Revival begins with us.

Enid and I have been crying out to our Lord for true revival in our day, in our lives and in our home. Our hearts cry out for revival. Habakkuk lived at a time (around 600 BC) when justice was being perverted and strife abounded. He had heard about what the Lord had done in the past. Now his prayer was, “O Lord, revive your work in the midst of the years (i.e. right now)”. In our time make them known. As the Good News Bible puts it, “Now do again in our times the great deeds you used to do”. This has been our cry, that the Lord would renew His great works in our lives. “Revive your work, O Lord! Do it again, Lord!” Revival always requires a divine element and a human element, “a sigh of desperation followed by a ‘suddenly’ of God.” Let’s join together in prayer and worship as we ask God to breathe new life into our lives, our families, our nation, our city and the Churches.

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