Returning to Say thanks


In Luke 17:17, Jesus asked, ‘Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? When people pray, it is not always that they come back to give thanks for what God has done in their lives. The tendency is to move on with our lives once God has sorted out whatever it is that was bothering us.

I heard of a story of a man who got lost in the forest one day. Later, in describing his experience in the forest, he told of how frightened he was and how he had even finally knelt and prayed to God for rescue. One of the persons he was speaking to asked him a question and said, “Did God answer your prayer?” “Oh, no,” the man replied. “Before God had a chance, a guide came along and showed me the way out.” So to this man, the guide just appeared by chance, and it was not God who sent the guide his way.

Like that man, many people are blind to the many blessings that God daily showers upon them. They awake to see the sun shining, and do not give thanks to God. They hear the birds chirping and see beautiful flowers and trees, but they don’t give it a moment’s thought that God has given those blessings and given them the senses to enjoy them. They grumble about having to eat the same old ugali (nsima), forgetting that many would gladly exchange places with them and eat anything for breakfast. They complain about their jobs, forgetting that many would be grateful just to have a job or even to have the bodily strength to go to work. They complain about their lack of money, forgetting that they spend more on entertainment each month than many around the world earn as their total income.

As couple, we have much to thank God for. We just want to come back to God and say thank you Lord. What the Lord has done for us. We cannot say it all. He has done great things, bless his holy name.

But first we must confess that there is a delicate act of balance between giving glory to God for what He has done through us and to glorify ourselves for what God has done through us. We are persuaded that it is the right thing to do when God has answered your prayers to publicly give thanks that the glory of God may manifest. That God may be raised as we diminish. But the right balance is often elusive for these fallen heart of ours. Our prayer is that in the process of wanting to glorify God, He really gets glorified and not us instead.

This is our testimony that after much prayer and trusting the Lord through many family dangers and storms, the Lord has answered from His holy mountain and we cannot tell it all. We remember praying like the psalmist in Psalm 61. We have cried to the Lord to hear our cries, to listen to our prayers from the ends of the earth. During those moments when our hearts were faint. He led us to the rock that is higher than us. Because the Lord has been our refuge, a strong tower against the foes.

The Lord answered our prayers this week in ways we cannot understand. We are overwhelmed with owe, for no appropriate words can express our gratitude to our God the most high. God has been good to us. Truly we can confidently say that we have tasted the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. He does as He pleases with His people. The Lord who is sovereign and neither slumbers nor sleeps. What He has planned He will be determined to bring it to pass. We are grateful that He has remembered his servants in times such as these.

Like Job, while we were still wondering, messengers came from the East and the West. From the North and from the South with messages of blessings from the Lord. The manner of it all can only be divine to show that He is still on the throne and deals with us, not as our sins deserve, but with mercy and grace because our God of love is rich in mercies and love.

Word fail us to say thanks. But we are very happy and grateful for everything we have received from the Lord. When we trust God and submit ourselves to His will and plan. When everything crumbles around us He comes at the right time to rescue you before everything falls flat on the ground. God’s timing is perfect! What we have witnessed has taught us to trust God for who He is. Yes, He will come and save you. The Lord your God will come and with His mighty arm when you call on His Name. He will come and save you.

So we thank God for allowing us to see the things we have seen, to hear what we have heard, to live lives we have lived full of love, guidance and wisdom from all the people he has allowed to come our way and touch our lives in various ways. Some for good and others for evil. What we have witnessed had taught us to trust in the Lord and not in man nor our own understanding.

All we can say is echo the words of Andrea Crouch – To God the Glory for the things He has done.

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One Response to Returning to Say thanks

  1. kuffachipeta says:

    It is very true man of God. Many of us think that whatever we have is due to our own effort and that God has no say in it. We deceive ourselves because every good and perfect gift comes from God and thus we ought to be grateful each time just as the psalmist in psalm 34, that i will bless the lord at all times and his and His praise shall always be on my mouth.
    I truly bless God for such inspirational and biblical teachings that God has given you and am so blessed each time i read them.


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