In the fight

In the fight, say, does your heart grow weary?
Do you find your path is rough and thorny?
And above the sky is dark and stormy?
Never mind, go on!
Lay aside all fear, and onward pressing,
Bravely fight, and God will give His blessing;
Though the war at times may prove distressing,
Never mind, go on!

When the road we tread is rough,
Let us bear in mind,
In our Savior strength enough
We may always find;
Though the fighting may be tough
Let our motto be:
Go on, go on to victory!

Faithful be, delaying not to follow
Where Christ leads, though it may be through sorrow;
If the strife should fiercer grow tomorrow,
Never mind, go on!
Cheerful be, it will your burdens lighten,
One glad heart will always others brighten;
Though the strife the coward’s soul may frighten,
Never mind, go on!

When downhearted, look away to Jesus,
Who for you did shed His blood most precious;
Let us say, though all the world should hate us;
Never mind, go on!
Do your best in fighting for your Savior,
For His sake fear not to lose men’s favor;
If beside you should a comrade waver,
Never mind, go on!

Words: Ri­chard Slat­er, in The Mu­sic­al Sal­va­tion­ist, De­cem­ber 1886
Music: Her­bert H. Booth

About the Author:

The author of this hymn Ri­chard Slat­er was also known as the father of Salvation Army (SA) music. Slater joined an SA drum and fife band at age seven. He went on to learn to play the violin, and became a music teacher and member of the Royal Albert Hall Orchestral Society. Converted to Christ in 1882, he began working in the SA Music Department at Clapton, rising to the rank of brigadier, and retiring in 1913. He wrote over 500 songs, and produced many hymns.

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