A Husbandry tribute to wife on Mother’s day


Enid, you are a priceless gem, rarer by far than sapphire, ruby or diamond. Your radiance depends not on some earthly or external beam. You glow from within, you shine from genuineness of character and purity of soul.

The dancing sparkle of your life Enid, results not from material stimuli. It comes from a heart that gives and gives and gives again with never a thought of receiving. It reflects a life that loves and loves until there is just no more love.

Enid your beauty is that of expanded unselfishness. Your whole life is others, your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors and your church. I sometimes wonder why the only resource available should also be given away when we are in need ourselves. You know no resting place. The needs are endless and your devotion always equals the demands. Deep weariness of mind and body never deters you.

The enormous wealth of your character shows most in your unstinting kindness. All who know you feel it, witness it, experience and believe in it. Everyone coming within the warm glow of your influence is cheered, encouraged, lifted and blessed.

Your beauty knows no vanity. You disdain the cheap, the tawdry, and the make-believe. You loath everything farcical and hypocritical. Your genuineness is transparent. You radiate reality. Life to you is neither a mummery nor a charade but a daily expression of untainted sincerity.

Your glory springs from a love of life. Your activities never cease and your energy seems boundless. Your spontaneous laughter and contagious smile delights all who meet you. You enjoy being alive and your life has beauty and purpose.

You epitomize the virtuous woman. You are clothed with strength and honor. My heart safely trusts in you. You look well to the affairs of your household. You burn the midnight oil pursuing two Masters Degrees at the same time. Your hands are never idle. Your mouth is full of wisdom and on your tongue is the law of kindness. Your children and I have risen to praise you.

You are modest, almost to a fault. Always the lady. Always the queen. You carry yourself with poise and great dignity without pomp, piety or ceremony. You ignore modern trends in styles if they offend your sensitivities or violate your convictions. You never seek praise or popularity, you are contented always to serve in a spirit of congeniality and selflessness.

Above all you are the totality of your dedication. Devoted to your husband, your family, your friends and your church, you are supremely committed to your Lord. Your faith in Christ does not waver. Having trusted God when you believed, you have loved him more with every passing year. Your convictions hold firm in the face of a changing world. The variances of life’s vicissitudes do not alter your course. You remain steadfast, immovable, abounding always in the work of the Lord. You are a rock. You have been found faithful.

The light from your devotion and the aroma from your character is a blessing to live with and will bless perpetually the lives of all who love you. Your love for me is not in vain. Your commitment to Christ will not be in vain. Your husband, your children and all your descendants will rise to call you blessed. May the Lord add you more years to serve Him and glorify Him. I love you so much and will live to love you till my last breathe. Happy Mother’s day

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