KWACHA 2016: The Next Generation Of Politicians Is Emerging

Kwacha Ngwee

2016 – Kwacha again! It first dawned in 1964 when Kenneth Kaunda and his team of the first cabinet took over the reins of Zambia.  It is dawning again in 2016.

Zambia is at a crossroads. It is now at the center of development concerns that its leaders have been involved in for 50 years. These old leaders are striving to find a happy outlet through which Zambia can be able play a role at the forefront of the world stage. A new generation of leaders has to be considered, who are capable of facing up to a number of challenges such as fragmentation of the  Zambian community, history and knowledge, relaying the foundations of the post-colonial Zambia, promotion of democracy and human rights and the implementation of new conditions for peace and freedom, the gauge of sustainable development. The ways in which these various challenges are tackled are crucial.

Over the years, Zambia has lacked innovative leaders to match the changing times. The leadership problem has remained vague in the mentality of Zambians because of the repercussions of colonialism and the resulting mimicry. This problem is now linked to two issues which trouble our contemporary Zambia.

  • How do we shape a new Zambian future of the post-colonial Zambia, because of the recurring socio-political crises with which it is faced and the difficulties experienced by the people in adapting to it?
  • How do we invent a new method of governance, without which the democratic process that has been embarked upon since 1991 risks being compromised?

Thank God the 2016 elections are giving Zambia a new hope.  There is renewed hope and light at the end of the tunnel. A new generation of politicians is emerging – It’s a new dawn. Kwacha Again. This is what I call the Zambia 2016 Elections – Kwacha Zambia.

There is a saying that a life well lived can be split into thirds. The first third is spent learning, the second third earning, and the third returning, or giving back.  The thinking goes something like this. That you spend the first 30 years of your life “rubbing up against the world.” The first third of your life is spent learning skills and about yourself, as you gain new experiences to help identify your path. The second third of your life is when you are in the heart of your earning potential and serving as a leader. You begin to step up into leadership positions, and by your fifties you are at your peak. The final third of your life is focused on giving back. It is when you reinvest in future generations and the world. As someone rightly described, it is a time when leaders serve on boards and focus on sharing their wisdom with future generations through teaching, mentoring, and coaching.

I have not yet seen the full list of all those adopted to contest the next elections by various parties, but my eyes have seen the one for UPND and has my heart not skipped a bit? It’s time for my generation. They have come a long way and it’s time to jump into the 2016 electoral ring.

The August 11 2016 elections is indeed warming up and potential politicians for the next 5 years are lining up.

In the red corner – The UPND has unveiled their lineup. We are still waiting for the green corner to emerge.

Yes, I hear sounds of murmurs everywhere. Why is that one in and that one out? No it in not fair! That is the way it goes. Not everyone can get into the winning team. There are many roles and responsibilities that every supporter can play. If you are not playing on the pitch, there may be another. Find out what it is and do your part.

Having said that, I have also noted a new emerging pattern. A new generation of politicians is emerging. Great to see close friends like Princess Kasune, Fackson Banda, Miriam Choonya, Cornelius Mweetwa, Felix Ngoma, Eddie Ndebele, Attractor Chisangano, Edgar Singombe, Kapelwa Mbangweta and Belinda Lweendo among many new upcoming politicians. All these are potential new Cabinet Ministers in the near future. What a new start. Kwacha, Ngwee again.

Interesting that the new line up has come from all walks of life to converge at this year’s elections. The diaspora has some of its own, the civil society in Zambia, academia, private sector and old faces. Reminds me of the Biblical quote – …51 Have you understood all these things?” “Yes,” they answered. 52 Then He told them, reason, every scribe who has been discipled in the kingdom of heaven is like a homeowner who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.” 53 When Jesus had finished these parables, He withdrew from that place.…(Matt 13: 47 – 52),

Whatever the outcome of 2016 elections, a new generation of politicians is lining up and may the Lord answer Zambia’s prayers by seeing most of these into power come August 12 2016.

Kwacha Zambia! Kwacha Again!




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